How Does a Dash Cam Work? (Reviews 2022)

How Does a Dash Cam Work

Dash cams are not only for those who drive for Uber or Lyft, but they are also great for recreational and professional drivers. Dash cams have been used for driver safety and to provide video evidence during the aftermath of an accident. There has been a shift in the dash cam market to include higher quality dash cam systems capable of recording quality video, even in low light situations. Dash cams are one of the hottest selling items on sites like Amazon.

If you’ve ever been in an accident and need to prove who was to blame, you can check out a dash cam lifeguard. With so many different dash cams, how do you choose the best dash cam for your car? This article will talk about the benefits of buying a dash cam and how you will know How Does a Dash Cam Work?

Establishing the facts is not always easy in today’s world. Even when people observe an event, what is said may differ from what happened. Dash cams have become a big part of our lives and have confused us. Here is a blog that will clarify some common myths about dash cams.

What is a Dash Cam?

A dash cam is a small camera attached to your car and mounted on a dashboard, rearview mirror, or windshield. Essentially a camera recorder for use while driving, these nifty little devices offer many benefits ranging from recording an accident, helping to determine the cause or fault, to delivering a tremendous interactive travel album that you will never want to miss.

Best Dash Cam for Pickup Trucks is a camera usually attached to a vehicle’s dashboard—mainly used for safety and security purposes. The Dash camera has its advantages and disadvantages in places where there are a lot of traffic accidents, theft, and ordinary people. It records your car’s front view while driving and saves the video to an SD card or cloud for you to watch later.

How does a Dash Cam work? – Detailed analysis

A dash cam is mounted on the windshield and records the road as you drive. This cigarette works with a cigarette lighter cable or can be connected directly to the fuse box. The dash cam will repeatedly start recording when the ignition key is turned on. It records in a continuous loop, saving each clip to a microSD card in a short time of 3 minutes. Dash cams can also be equipped with a microphone for audio recording. The microphone can always be disabled if you prefer only visual settings.

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Dash cams have been around for a few years and are growing in popularity. Before buying a dash cam, it’s essential to know what it does and what to look for when picking the right one for you. Here we look at this unique technology and how Dash Cam works.

Benefits of Buying the Dash Cam for your vehicle

The benefits of dash cam in-car are plenty. A dash cam is a must-have technology for all motorists with so many benefits. If you wonder why to buy a dash cam, here are some benefits of dash cam in the car.

  • A dash cam is a device installed on your vehicle which records the happenings on the road in front of you. They are generally used to record the events if there is an accident or something similar.
  • Dash cams are now a common feature in the cars. One of their purposes is to serve as a security measure for the driver, recording footage of the driving experience. A dash cam comes equipped with a wide-angle lens to accommodate different driving angles.
  • The dash cam or the car DVR is one of the most innovative gadgets ever. It acts as a camera for capturing High Definition videos, and it is an essential tool for any vehicle owner.
  • Car accidents can happen any time, day or night, and these cameras can help capture a film of the cause and the damage caused. If it is a minor accident, you can use the video to prove that you are not at fault. However, these cameras are subject to misuse, so you must follow the guidelines to use them in the right way.

Other reasons to buy a Dash cam are:

  1. Protect your waiver for non-claims.
  2. Encourage better driving.
  3. Parking safety with parking mode
  4. Fight crime and bad drivers.
  5. Resolve incidental disputes quickly.

Types of Dash Cams

There are different types and sizes of dash cams available in the market. Some are more high-tech and contain more detailed information with dates, times, and GPS. Some dash cams are equipped with Wi-Fi, allowing users to send their videos to their smartphones and share entertaining videos online. Read in this blog what you should pay attention to how does a dash cam work?

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1.       Single Lens Dash Cam

Single Lens Dash Cam mounts to the windshield and records high-quality footage from the front of the vehicle. Unfortunately, there are not many dash cams designed for single-lens use.

2.       Dual Lens Dash Cam

Dash cams that record footage from both the front and back of the car have recently become quite popular. The most common type is the dual-lens dashcam. Dual Lens Dash Cam is like the Duo HD, has two lenses, one to record the front and the other a 50m zoom to record the back of the car.

It is designed to help provide a better view of the recorded area. This is especially helpful when recording at night since the front camera usually has a broader field of view than the rear camera.

3.       Motorcycle Dash Cam

These cameras are designed specifically for motorcyclists with a RAM mounting system that can be mounted on any motorcycle. Dash cams are not just for cars anymore, and they are a must-have for bikers and cyclists. People get into accidents every day and with a dash cam, you can give yourself some legal backing against the opposing party.


In conclusion, a dash cam works by recording everything in front of your car. Most dash cams have an internal battery that allows them to record for some time, even when your car is turned off. Some dash cams can also double as a rear-view mirror, allowing you to record what is behind you and reducing the need to use your side mirrors.

As the population grows and cities expand their roads, traffic accidents are becoming more and more common. Over 164,000 people are injured in car accidents every single day. How can you protect yourself from becoming one of these statistics? Get a dash cam. A dash cam is a prodigious way to protect yourself from an accident and record any traffic violations on the road, including running red lights, speeding, and driving in the bike lane. We expect this post has been helpful for you. Thanks for reading; we are always excited when one of our posts can provide helpful information on this topic.

Are dash cams easy to use?

Yes, dashes are relatively easy to use. If you buy one with more technical features, it can be more complicated depending on your technical prowess. Most are easy to install, from click mirrors to sucker mountains. As for the cable connected to the dash cam, users can insert the cable into the header at the top of the mirror.

Do dash cams work when parked?

Yes, dashes can be used while your car is parked. Your dashboard needs a cable installation or battery power if it has an intelligent parking mode to record when you’re not driving. Nextbase 422GW and above models have an intelligent parking mode, so there is no need to add a full cable setup while parking. These models detect when your car collides and automatically register it in the parking lot.

Where is the dashcam footage stored?

Dashcam footage is stored on a microSD card, and the camera will automatically loop and record the oldest file in 3 minutes when the card is complete. Images can be transferred to a computer, phone, or tablet and stored permanently. Dash cam record high-quality footage to protect you and your vehicle and give you peace of mind when you’re on the road.

How many videos can a 16GB card have?

A dashCam can hold up to two hours of recording on a 16GB microSD card before replacing old recordings. The dash cam is set to 1080p HD to record 30 frames per second. It provides ample space to record any event and helps you prove that you are not at fault.

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