How to Set Up a Dash Cam? (Reviews 2022)

How to Set Up a Dash Cam?

Installing the Dash Cam is as easy as installing a Smart TV. It can be light in places and carefully cover the cables for cleanliness and safety, but the principle is usually the same. You’ll find the best spot, make sure it gets to the power supply, route and pull the cables if necessary.

But when the TV is available for entertainment, the pause camera gives you an extra pair of eyes on the road. You travel safer, reduce the risk of your car and potentially save on insurance premiums. He constantly records video footage from the dashboard camera, which can determine who is to blame for the crash. So today, we will discuss the procedure of How to Set Up a Dash Cam?

We’ve all been there, driving down the road and not knowing what to do if we were to get into an accident. Sure, you can take pictures of the drivers involved, but what if you could have some proof that you were not at fault? That’s where dash cams come in handy. Learn more about them here, and learn about the best dash cams on the market here.

What are the Dash Cam?

Dash cams have become quite popular in a short time. A dashcam is a camera that you can mount on your windshield, and it will record all that is happening live in front of you. These cameras were originally designed for vehicles but are also used in other situations where recording video is essential. It is not just the usage of these cameras that is increasing but also the variety of them. There are now dash cams for every possible situation and need.

Dash cams are now becoming increasingly popular with drivers all around the world. With technological advancement, dash cams have become extraordinarily compact and discreet, and they can also be used to record your favorite drives or journeys.

Here’s everything you need to know to install Dash Cam

When sitting in the driver’s seat of your car, you should try different positions on the dashboard. It’s a good idea to keep the dashboard camera within reach of the seat, but be careful not to place the dashboard in a location that obscures the road’s view. In this example, the user has decided to place their dashboard directly under the rearview mirror.

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If we pull the electrical cable from the dashboard to the fuse, we need to know where the fuse is. Most vehicles have a trunk under the driver’s or passenger’s dashboard, and the fuse is easily accessible under the steering column (behind the detachable panel). Refer to the owner’s manual for your vehicle’s fuse location.

How to Set Up a Dash Cam? A Short and Common Procedure

Follow these steps to complete the instrument camera installation process. Here are some helpful tips to help you install your Dash Cam correctly.

  1. Check if the camera has an internal battery – if so, charge it.
  2. Determine the best location for your dashboard.
  3. Compare this to battery supply.
  4. Installation with OBD cable.
  5. Go and hide the cable.
  6. Press the installation.
  7. Check the installation.

Garmin Speak Plus with Amazon Alexa is Commended Best Dash Cam for Pickup Trucks

  • ​The Garmin Speak Plus is a wireless device that integrates with your car to give you hands-free access to your phone and your commands without touching your phone. This device allows you to access Alexa, making it possible to listen to music, make and receive calls, ask for directions and more, all without lifting a finger. This makes for a more comfortable ride for you and your passengers.
  • You can listen to music or respond to text messages hands-free. You can also ask Alexa for traffic updates or the weather if you’re driving with a passenger who isn’t fond of listening to Alexa while on the road; you can connect your phone to the Garmin Speak Plus and listen to your favourite tracks instead. ​
  • Never miss a vital dash cam moment. This compact, discreet dash cam records your drive and provides driver assistance features such as forward collision and lane departure warnings. An included 16 GB micro SD card gets you up and running, and a built-in dash cam mount is included.
  • The Garmin VIRB app lets you use your phone’s micro SD card to stream dash cam footage to your device. The Garmin Drive app works with your suitable cellular data connection; use your phone’s AUX cable to stream Alexa responses, including music, right through your car stereo. Stay in lane and be prepared for sudden stops. Enjoy the confidence of knowing you’re always protected with Garmin Drive Assist and Warnings.
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Most Common Method – Fixed wire installation in the fuse box

Connecting the instrument camera to the car’s fuse box is one of the most common installation methods for controlling the dashboard camera when the vehicle is switched off, allowing the parking space to be recorded on the dashboard camera video.

Hard cable kits are available on our mobile phones and, over the years, have become very popular with motorists who want 24/7 camera protection on the front and rear of their vehicles. Includes windshield and rearview mirror protection.

The fuse box powers your front and rear cameras and allows you to transfer the dashboard camera to a critical video memory card when your car is not on. The Hard Wire Kit gives you access to critical features like parking, Wi-Fi, GPS, Full HD storage, and more with the integration of your smartphone.

You need to find out if you need a dashboard camera

Instrument cameras are not very popular in the United States. Because they are elsewhere, you will not hear about them very often after a significant car accident. When I contacted the insurance companies, most of them were reluctant to tell me if they used lines to detect errors or advised their customers to install one.

Many things happen in an accident. Often the police report must be read first in some states or provinces, which is why insurance companies use them. Of course, keep in mind that they can also prove your fault in an accident so that it can be a double-edged sword.


Dash cams are becoming more and more popular, but what do you need to know if you’re thinking of buying one and setting it up in your car? By following these steps, you can set up a dash cam that will safely record your drives and provide you with video and audio evidence in the case of an accident or incident.

A dash cam is a must-have for a lot of drivers nowadays, whether for security or for the peace of mind that originates with knowing you have proof of an accident. Most dash cams are relatively cheap to get hold of, but that doesn’t mean you should rush into a purchase.

Thanks for understanding our post on how to set up a dash cam. We hope you enjoyed this post and feel confident that you could set up a dash cam after reading this! If you have any queries about dash cams, please comment below; we would love to hear from you.

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Dash cams have many benefits and can help you keep track of your vehicle’s maintenance and monitor your journeys for security purposes. However, choosing the best camera for your vehicle is not easy. A dash cam is a valuable tool that can assist in the prevention of car accidents and reduce the owner’s liability in the case of a collision.

What is the Purpose of using the Dash Cam?

A dash cam is a device that can record video while you drive your vehicle. A Dash Cam is an essential accessory in a car today, and if you have one, you should know how to install it correctly. If you are travelling a lot and like to take in the sights, you may be thinking about getting a dash cam for your vehicle.

How lengthy is the procedure to install a dash cam?

Installing the camera in a car (or van, or even a motorcycle) shouldn’t take long. The size of the vehicle, the number of cameras involved, and the device’s power supply all have an impact.

Is it worth installing the dash cam?

Whether you spend money to buy a new dash cam or get it for free by purchasing a smartphone, tablet, or other electronics, you need to install it.
There are many reasons to install a dashboard camera instead of vacuuming the device. The instrument’s camera helps you drive more safely and keep track of what’s happening while you drive; it can also save you money on insurance coverage and your car as well. It can undoubtedly prove your innocence (or the guilt of others) if an incident or accident occurs on the road.

How easy is it to set up a dash cam?

Dash cams are generally easy to set up. They usually just require plugging into a car’s power outlet and the car’s cigarette lighter.

What frequency should I set my dash cam?

There is no one frequency that is perfect for all dash cams. You’ll need to experiment with different frequencies to find the one that works best for your device.

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